High-Resolution Detailed Orthomosaic Maps

Don’t rely on Google Earth for your highly detailed and accurate maps. To obtain centimetre level accuracy you need a high-resolution orthomosaic map created with state of the art drone surveying methods and software, coupled with high-precision ground source reference points and post-processed realtime kinematic data. Sounds like a mouthful?! Don’t worry, Luna Drone pilots are experts in this field and will ensure you receive a fully geo-referenced, accurate and highly detailed map of your project or location every time.

Orthomosaic Mapping
Ideal for construction projects, land surveying, estate management, agricultural mapping and field management and much more!
Created by taking hundreds of high-resolution overlapping photos, geo-referencing them and then stitching them together to create a seamless, high-precision map
All of our drone pilots are fully licensed with the CAA working under a CAA approved Operational Authority with full public liability insurance. So you can rest assured, you will be getting the best!